Hormone therapy for Patients with a Migraine

As we all know that a migraine can be a troubling condition. It is a severe and painful headache which can be accompanied sensory issues and other symptoms as well. The pain can be extreme and can last for hours and even days in some cases. It is believed that more than 35 million Americans are currently affected by a migraine. This makes it approximately 12 percent of the population which is a substantial figure. Various studies have been done till now to understand the various aspects of this condition. In one such study, it was found that there is no connection between hormone therapy, migraines, and cardiovascular disease. This can help in increasing the use of hormones to treat migraines. This condition is common in women and due to various factors and health risks it can be a challenge to treat the elderly.

Hormone Therapy

This therapy is also helpful in treating many menopause symptoms, however, the safety of this in women was unconfirmed. The reports were published by Women`s Health Initiative or WHI and it demonstrates that the hormone therapy does not have much of a side effect on women.

There were many factors due to which the hormone therapy`s use has declined. With the new results and data, the doctor`s have a better understanding of the safe use of this therapy in younger women, especially below the age of 60 years and who are closer to menopause. A lot of women will end up having a migraine. The hormone therapy has a main role in treating menopause signs and also prevent bone loss. Due to the various risks and benefits, it is important that the doctors understand these factors.

There have been less studies which have highlighted the effect of hormone therapy and on migraine and related heart problems. The hormone therapy has not been prescribed to patients suffering from a migraine because of the high risk of stroke in women and similar side effects. It is recommended that women suffering from a migraine should not use any oral contraceptives. This also depends on the factor if a migraine is accompanied by an aura or not. Keeping this in mind the data of almost 67000 people who participated in the Women`s Health Initiative or WHI was analyzed further. This was done to find a link between a migraine and heart diseases and also how they interact with the hormone therapy use. As per the reports, it was found that the women who had a migraine usually had less drink and exercise compared to women who did not have a migraine. Also, the vitamin D and calcium intake were higher in such women and these patients had symptoms of night sweats and hot flashes. It was found that the hormone therapy was safe to use and there were no risks of any heart disease associated with this mode of treatment.

Most women are advised not to use the hormone therapy as a mode of treatment but these findings will help the doctors and the patients to trust the hormone therapy and more people will opt for the same.